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Module : formEdit_logger


I am having a problem with the contact form. Once someone filled a form, the belonging email address doesn't receive any email.  however, if I select a default logger then the email id belonging to that logger id receives an email doesn't matter whether its particular contact form or different ones. And if I have select several defaults logger then it sends email only to those belonging logger emails. I have checked the web.xml and web-inf/fs-formlogger.ini file as well but seems everything is fine as we have one more separate project where the contact form is working perfectly and there is no default logger has been declared as in this project too.  Can anybody give me any clue whats the wrong could it be? I didn't find any hints in the documentation?


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I'm new here

Hi Rinku,

in Chapter 3.1 it says, that default loggers are even used in forms where no logger can be assigned (for example because there's a configuration error). It seems to me, that you have such a configuration error. It would be helpful, if you could attach any logging information from the server. Maybe there's a hint what's going wrong.



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Hello Rinku,

is this an open question, or did Hannes' answer already help you? In this case it would great, if you mark his "correct answer".

If you found a solution on your own it would be very kind of you, if you posted it here.

Many regards


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