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Java module or script to find default values and store them

Hello to all,

I have a following situation, and if you can give me some ideas or insights on process of creation of following script or module, depends on how complex the script should be.

1. First I need to develop analysis script or a module, which runs on the state of the project before our data migration script that is already written, to determine all elements which still use default values in FS forms (any kind of input component). I can determine that via FormData or FormField where is the default value used. Based on that data that can be persisted as json or xml, then I need to write 2nd script that iterates over that data from the analysis script and it resets FormFields values to default ones where they have been set. Second script should run after data migration script which is written already.

Exemplary structure of the analysis script-json:






"objectType" : "Dataset/Page/Section/Content2/GCA ...",


"uid" : "homepage",


/*only for datasets:*/ "fs_id" : "543",


/*only for list elements: */ "parentField" : "st_fsList",


useDefaultFields : ["st_headline", "st_picture" ...]






objectType :









Script should be run on schedule on the server, not the client.

FirstSpirit version is 4.2.512.76010

If you need any additional information's of If I wasn't clear enough please comment and I will try to explain better, or answer if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,


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