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Is there any where in WCMS ContentCreator or Site Architect Chatbot is used for help?

Hello Team,

Is there any Chatbot system is available in WCMS system? For users basic doubts and links will be shared to them directly via Chatbot?

Is it possible to create and integrate it with ContentCreator and Site Architect?

Is there any technical scenarios are available to integrate a chatbot in WCMS.?

Is there are some best practices available.?

Would like to know more information about this?

Thank you.

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Hi Siva,

AFAIK there is no integrated chat bot or a ready to use module in the marketplace.

But using the ContentCreator JS API it should be possible to integrate a chat bot. (See: FirstSpirit Online Documentation - WE_API: JavaScript API for ContentCreator)

As first idea you could use the ".isPreview() / .isWebEdit()" to determine if you are in the WebEdit and then integrate some JS for a chat bot which might use the ContentCreator JS API to send additional information to the help desk like which project and which site the editor is currently working on.



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Hello Sosswald,

Thank you for your reply and time. your explanation is helpful for me.

I would like to add new menu item as like shown in the image attached with this thread? Is it possible?


only in the page we can add the script in the html generation of standard template(page template) ?

WE_API i hope we have use only in the Template Script creation? and then we can use the script reference name in the template html generation?

It will be helpful for me to get more on the topic...

As per the image either one place i have to create menu icon with event.



Thank you.



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