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Insert HTML into FirstSpirit

Hi Team Smiley Happy

I am looking to put some javascript, css and html into a page within FirstSpirit.
I have tried to add this in, in the page content editing area and when I click save and preview, I get the code coming back.

The code I am putting in is a 5 column table.
Can you help advise where I should be putting in HTML?

In Dreamweaver I have put all the code onto the same page for simplicity as the code for all this will only be used only once and then removed.

Thanks all.


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Crownpeak employee

Hello Michael,

did you get any developer training? This question (and the other one for the pdf upload) sounds like you didn't get any basic developer training for FirstSpirit.

The solution for this question would either be a generic table template [to create a html table] or a special template for the input of source code.

This special template could use a dom component with a format template, which does convert html code.

But since you did ask two basic questions in a row, I recommend to visit a basic developer training for FirstSpirit.

Best regards,


Hi Holger,

I am only here for less than a month now but I did get some training at the beginning.

I am finding that I am getting better quality of answers and speed of responses from posting to the community than via our current provider as they have a very busy schedule.

Thank you for the answer and i'll give this a go.


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