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Importing resources to FirstSpirit

Dear Community,

I wonder what is the difference between the following FirstSpirit ACCESS-API calls:

  1., ImportHandler)
  2., ImportHandler)

When importing a ZipFile resource, 2.) just returns just ONE ELEMENT in the LIST (the same FS-ID, the 1.) method returns).

So, why the second method at all??

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Crownpeak employee, ImportHandler) only imports the first StoreElement found in the given ZipFile, and returns its FS-ID., ImportHandler) imports every StoreElement found in the given ZipFile and should return a list of FS-IDs.

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Dear Donato,

we read the JavaDoc documentation - but especially the 2nd method did not behave as described at runtime. So, importing a ZipFile having more than one StoreElement included, did not return a list of FS-IDs to the caller. It just returns the first node of the imported FirstSpirit tree hierarchy.

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The correct wording is "if a zip file contains more than one root node".

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Hi Peter,

if your hint would be available in the JavaDoc of the corresponding method I'm sure it would not just help me but others.

Might it be possible to integrate it there?

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