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How to upload/submit a file to a service?

Is there any built-in possibility to upload/submit a file from the client to a service so that it can e.g. save it on the FS server?

Use case: A user executes a script in the client. This script generates a file. This file should be available for FS for later use.

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You can import the file into the mediastore of a project. Don't know if that fits for your use-case or not.

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We know that and already considered that, but that makes our use-case a little too complicated.

So, do I understand it right, that there isn't any built-in possiblity to accomplish that?

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There's no "global upload directory" on the server, if you're looking for something like that. Usually, all data is project specific and all documents/binary files are usually stored within the mediastore, so that they are referenceable/editable by editors.

You could develop a service/project app that offers some kind of upload directory for later processing, but it's no standard functionality. Maybe someone can provide additional tipps if you describe your use-case a bit more.

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Crownpeak employee

Could you specify which kind of "service" you mean? An instance of "de.espirit.firstspirit.module.Service"?

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Exactly, I mean the service module. We need no "global upload directory". We only need the "upload mechanism" itself. We can hard code the directory, but it has to be a directory e.g. because external programs need to have access to that file.

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