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How to output your own json channel instead of default json output?

Hello All,

We recently switch to CaaS connect module and are facing some challenges in the output generated for the page refs. The CaaS channel we previously wrote and adapted ourselves is no longer available. it is overwritten by json(#this) as the default output for each element.

How can this be changes that we get the old json channel and not the auto-generated one?

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Crownpeak employee

Hello Yamini, 

You don't have to adapt your JSON channel (or any channel) for CaaS Connect. And CaaS Connect does not change any channel, too. So if you still need your custom JSON (e.g. for migration purposes) just keep your output channel as-is and deploy it with the old module. On the consuming side you can then use both URLs and could migrate to consuming the new format in your own pace.

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Hello pjodeleit ,

Thank you for your very value-able input. 🙂 we will continue using both the modules for now.

Is there any chance that i could add or modify the default json that is created with the new module though? I tried the examples given here: /help/odfs/enhanced-json-s/api-customize-j/index.html

but when i performed the Caas push, i couldn't find the additional test attributes that is added in the json. so does it really matter having and writing these json templates in new CaaS module?


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The CaaS Connect JSON format is not customizable. The documentation [1] you are linking to describes the way you could use if you do manual templating. CaaS Connect does not use templates / channels, as already mentioned.

[1] https://docs.e-spirit.com/odfs/enhanced-json-s/api-customize-j/index.html 

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