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How to output the values of FS_INDEX?

Hello Community!

I have used FS_INDEX to store some of the name of users (First name and last name) in the meta data template.

I want to make this information visible on the page for which I have used  $CMS_VALUE(#global.page.meta("Identifier_Fsindex","inherit"))$

The output that I get is:


How do I get the first name and last name from fs_index as output on the page?

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Hello Yamini,

just take a look into the corresponding documentation: FirstSpirit Online Documentation - Access to FS_INDEX

As you can see in the value that is in your output a FS_INDEX is containing an iterable which is basically a list. (You maintain a list of entries in a FS_INDEX)

So you have to iterate over the FS_INDEX. Just using $CMS_VALUE()$ will output the underlying java object which will result in the output you have currently.



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