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Historical Deployment - generation error on moved media

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This is a specific question resulting from an historical deployment we have set up. The original post to Historical Deployment how-to can be found here:


We have the script and works almost as expected. We have noticed that media from a remote media project are not correctly generated if one of those media was moved.

The basic set up is:

- Through a script we generate an earlier state at a given date then generate the content.

- In the past an image for example was moved from one folder to another. On generating the folder from a point earlier to when the image was moved, the image is not deployed.

- If the generation is made after the move, the media is correctly deployed.

Are media references also revisioned? Is there something we can do about this?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi again,

Just to follow up and to summarize our end result:

We are using a remote media project. We generate both projects at the given date but do not get the right image paths in our main project. We assume this is due to "Remote media nodes won't be generated but referenced only!"

Therefore we are closing this discussion with this as a feature request.



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