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HLP-BP: merging of projects with different languages

Dear Community,

currently we wonder, whether the merging of navigation nodes is just done when different FirstSpirit projects do provide the same MERGE-ID in the current selected SAP Portal language.


- selected SAP Portal Language: DE

- Project A (configured languages DE, EN): navigation node available in DE named "Produkte", having MERGE-ID "PRODUCTS", MERGE-PRIORITY "10", SORT-PRIORITY "10"

- Project B (configured languages PT): navigation node available only in PT named "Produtos", having MERGE-ID "PRODUCTS", MERGE-PRIORITY "5", SORT-PRIORITY "15 | 5"

Enclosed the merging configuration within the project A and B:


Which navigation name will be displayed within the SAP Netweaver Portal in case of the above selected "DE" portal language?


- based on the HLP-BP having NOT INCLUDED the "getCurrentLaunchNavNode(...).getName() (=> implementation changed by SAP)" workaround

- HLPFS navigation cleared

- the winning merging node (here: project B) will not take place language specific!

- the navigation will show "null" when SortPriority in Prj. B is lower than Prj. A, if higher no "Product" navigation item will be shown!


We would expect, that at least the master language of the leading navigation node should be presentet - even when the current portal language is not configured for that language. NULL should not be shown!

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I'm new here


in such a scenario it is imported to note that the BP for FirstSpirit takes into account the DefaultLocale to which it is configured.

This property can be set via NavigationManagerService of the Application de.hlp.pct.fsintegration in the SAP NetWeaver Portal. In the standard it is set to en (english).

It is important to note that this language also has to be the default loacle in all FirstSpirit-Projects which are deployed to this SAP NetWeaver Portal.

This means that every language dependend properties of the FirstSpirit-Projects are at least available in this locale.

The behaviour of the HLP BP for FirstSpirit is that if a user accesses the navigation nodes of a FirstSpirit Project and the user comes with a locale which is not available in the project the values in the configured DefaultLocale are take into account.

Otherwise the behaviour is not defined and as in your scenario a NPE can occure.

I hope I clarified this situation.

Thanks and best regards,

Stefan Brauneis

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