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Getting error while generating pdf of group document

Hi Team
i'm getting below error while generating group document PDF file
($CMS_TRIM(level:3)$ at 2, 14): at 2, 14: de.espirit.common.xml.XmlParsingError: invalid character '
30.08.2019 07:12:09.295 ERROR ($CMS_REF(st_image, resolution:set_resolutionName, abs:3)$ at 35, 100): target for $CMS_REF()$ not found: startup
inside of: Template 'pt_red_article'
(id=315528) inside of: $CMS_TRIM(level:1)$ - at 2, 14
inside of: $CMS_VALUE(#global.page.body("content"))$ - at 36, 3
inside of: Template 'st_image' (id=315539)
inside of: $CMS_IF( ! st_image.isEmpty )$ - at 3, 2
inside of: $CMS_REF(st_image, resolution:set_resolutionName, abs:3)$ - at 35, 100 below is my line no 35 mentioned in error

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Crownpeak employee

Hi Tanmay,

at a first glance it looks like the resulting XML (which is later transformed to PDF by the Apache FOP post processor) is malformed.

Could you post the template code with a little more context?



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