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Getting an "use of deprecated value generation method" error upon generation

Hello Community,

(I switched to english now because more and more people are not talking german here)

I am trying to get our project ERROR and WARNING free and the last bits and pieces are not really solvable for me.

In the example project a FS_LIST input component is processed by a simple CMS_FOR(_formData, fs_list_content)$ loop and so do I in my project.
I am reading entries from a connected database in this case.

In the preview there are no errors or warnings shown but upon generation the logfile shows me lines like this:

WARN  12.04.2017 11:14:48.481{g-sec=23794,g-node=21987} (de.espirit.firstspirit.client.access.editor.lists.Index): use of deprecated value generation method for an index editor

I could track it down to the for loop (if i comment out the loop the error is gone) but do not find a solution because the demo project is using it the same way.

Does anybody have a clue?


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Hi Christoph,

try something like this for your list. We had the same error in the generation and it seems that you have to use ".values" in the $CMS_FOR(x,y)$ statement and then access the single elements by its FormData. (Or if you have other elements in your list in the way the elements want to be accessed. Smiley Wink)

$CMS_FOR(for_tool, st_needed_tools.values)$

    $CMS_RENDER(template: "ft_tool_link",   

                ft_link: for_tool.formData.tt_link,

                ft_text: for_tool.formData.tt_name)$




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I'm new here

Hello Christoph,   

do you need further help or did Sandro's reply already help you? If so, it would be great if you marked

his reply as "correct answer" so that other community users find the solution easily. If you have

already found a solution by yourself, it would be very kind of you, if you posted it here.   

Best regards 


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I have the same problem: in the generation some warnings occur which say "use of deprecated value generation method for an index editor". But in the preview the pages do not show any errors or warnings. The template contains two CMS_FOR loops and I don't even know, which one is the deprecated one - or both?!

The .values statement doesn't work either. Anyone who knows how to fix the problem? Or at least find it?

Best regards


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Hi Matthias,

You could try using the template debugger with unchecked "preview" (settings tab). Another option is to - at least temporarily - enable debug mode by adding $CMS_SET(#global.debugMode, true)$ somewhere "before" the error. The latter will result in the log not only containing the warning message but also a "template stack trace".


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Hi Matthias,

this generation warning is caused by looping through a fs_index, like this:

$CMS_FOR(formData, fs_index_var)$

     $-- It's irrelevant to do anything in here --$


To fix this do this:

$CMS_FOR(dataset, fs_index_var.values)$

     $CMS_SET(formData, dataset.formData)$

     $-- proceed as before --$


Best regards,