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Getting a value from combobox, returns class EditorWrapper

Hello guys,

I have a combobox in the table "people" that gets elements from another table "link_list". This "link_list" table has 2 fields: "identifier" and multilanguage "link" (link_DE, link_EN). Link is a FS_CATALOG that allows only one element (link template). So in the "people" table, i'm trying to access (to show to the editor) value of a link that is originaly in link_list table, in the FS_CATALOG (tt_link - table column is "link_DE / link_EN"). I successfuly managed to get identifier with #item.getValue("identifier"), but when i try #item.getValue("link_DE").class() i get ...EditorWrapper. I need to go deep and get lt_text from the first element of that combobox ("link_DE").

FS version 2020-02

table template: people
field: link_list

tt people.PNG

table template: link_list

tt link list.PNG

link template

lt link.PNG

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I'm new here

Hi Goran,

When traversing along relations, a complex value of the target column will be wrapped and represented as EditorWrapper object. This is a direct access to the database layer and FirstSpirit has no (explicit) clue about the original type of the data. The wrapper contains a node-representation of the persistence markup of the value. If you are in need, you might try operating on that structure via the EditorWrapper API. But, as this is the persistence format, it might change without notice in future releases.

I am sorry, that I cannot propose a solution other than to try to restructure your project to fit your needs. Smiley Sad



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