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Get the Table Name of the FS_LIST

Hello All,

I have a FS_List in the template

<FS_LIST name="demo" hFill="yes" rows="5">

        <DATASOURCE type="database" useLanguages="no">


            <ACTION name="ADD"/>

            <ACTION name="REMOVE"/>



            <COLUMN show="no">#identifier</COLUMN>



            <ADD component="toolbar" constraint="top"/>

            <ADD component="overview" constraint="center"/>

            <ADD component="stackedview" constraint="hide"/>





          <LANGINFO lang="*" label="XYXYXYX"/>         



How can I get the value of the <table> element in the module through FS API ??.

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I'm new here

you meant this element?  

     => <table>demoschema.demo</table>

there's no official api way... but you can try this Smiley Wink

use the fslist gom element as starting point

GomFsList (api: AbstractGomFormElement)  you may get this object from FsListEditorValue.

(ContentDataConfiguration) GomFsList#getConfiguration


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Thank you Andre..

Please find the working code below

Media media = (Media) context.getStoreElement();

GomFsList gomFsList =  (GomFsList) media.getMetaFormData().getForm().findEditor(compName);

ContentDataConfiguration dataConfiguration = (ContentDataConfiguration) gomFsList.getDataSource().getConfiguration();

String tableName = dataConfiguration.getTable().getText();

Thank You,


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