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FirstSpirit module web components and different WAS containers

Dear FirstSpirit community,

with the introduction of the JBoss web application server, we wanna clarify whether the current available FirstSpirit "WEB COMPONENTS" that are part of different FirstSpirit standard modules will properly run.

Up to now, there are different web components available like:

- FS FormEdit (part of "FirstSpirit FormEdit")


- FIRSTpersonalisation (part of "FIRSTpersonalisation")

- FIRSTpersonalisation-MappingFilter (part of "FIRSTpersonalisation")

- FIRSTpersonalisation-SetUserGroups (part of "FIRSTpersonalisation")



  • Web Application Servers (WAS) the FirstSpirit web components are certified for (is it documented)?
  • do they support JBoss without any implementation changes (just configuration parts)?
  • what application server platform is your recommended/preferred one?
  • are the web components ready for a real cluster environment (regarding: session replication, etc.)?

Kind regards,

Holger King

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Please have a look at our technical datasheet, especially chapter 3.4. The reference platform as well as all other supported platforms are listed there.

JBoss isn't officially supported, but we know that a few customers use it. We'll try to fix any reported problems on that platform, but it's not part of quality assurance.

We don't support clustering of the web components,