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FirstSpirit - central active directory configuration - clarification needed.

Dear community members,

Need some clarifications in provising/maintaining the user(s)/groups(s) in a central active directory instead of having them inside the projects.

Clarification Questions:

1) What are all the active directories supported by FirstSpirit?

2) For the configuration of the active directory is there any other special configuration needs to be done apart from the fs-jass.conf & fs-server.conf files?

3) Is it still possible to create a groups in the FirstSpirit? If so how they will be synchorinished with the central active directory that is configured?

Please share your thoughts and informations on this which will be very useful for us.

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1) The integration is done via the LDAP standard. So all directory services that conform to that standard can be used.

2) If you want to use SSO via NTLM or Kerberos you'll have to configure that as well. But all necessary steps are documented in our manual for administrators.

3) You can still create groups within FirstSpirit, but these won't be synced to the active directory. FirstSpirit only reads from the active directory. So the best pratice is so manage all users and groups within your active directory. That's what most customers want anyway.

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