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FirstSpirit Scheduler - deactivated actions are considered for popup dialogs

Hello altogether,

within a helpdesk ticket a behaviour during the execution of a schedule entry was announced as an error.

If a schedule entry has deactivated partial generation action, this action is nonetheless used to define, if the start node selection dialog should be displayed.


You have a schedule entry with three actions:

- script action (activated)

- generation action (full generation, activated)

- generation action (partial generation, start nodes can be defined by user, deactivated)

If you execute this schedule entry from within the FirstSpirit client, you will get the "add start point" dialog.

Since the partial generation action, which is the reason for this dialog, is deactivated, it was expected, that this dialog should no be shown.


- what, if the script action checks something [actual time, weekday...] and activates the action on some occasions?

- what, if the script checks the defined start nodes of the partial generation to do what ever with them?

Since this problem seems to be a bug on the first hand, I created a bug report (internal ID 95007 ).

But to make sure, that this change of behaviour will not interfere with actual projects, I also posted this Thread within the community to give you the chance to tell us, if you do use the actual behaviour for something.

Best regards,

  Holger Höbbel

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