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FS_LIST MIgration

After FS_LIST migration , we are getting below warnings in log files - WARN 02.02.2022 14:14:50.264{g-sec=6395759,g-node=6395758,g-entity=system(40849)} (de.espirit.firstspirit.client.access.editor.lists.Index): use of deprecated value generation method for an index editor While analyzing FS_CATALOG ,we could not understand 'ELEMENT' mentioned in FirstSpirit documentation Could you please explain in detail ? Please find below snippets from documentation. FS_LIST $CMS_FOR(VARIABLE, LISTNAME)$ $CMS_VALUE(VARIABLE.ELEMENT)$ $CMS_END_FOR$ In this example, LISTNAME is the identifier for the FS_LIST component and ELEMENT is the variable name for the required input component in the selected section or link template. FS_CATALOG $CMS_FOR(VARIABLE, LISTNAME)$ $CMS_VALUE(VARIABLE.item.ELEMENT)$ $CMS_END_FOR$ We need to remove these warnings from the logs.
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even your code snipped is hard to read because ist nor formatted I think you mix this up a little bit.

The error message is talking about an "INDEX editor". Your code example is using an FS_CATALOG.

For an FS_INDEX the syntax is slightly different, see Migration Documentation 

When iterating over an FS_INDEX editor you should use something like the following snipped:



For FS_INDEX you need to add ".values" in your loop and for FS_CATALOG ".item". Then you can access the actual form fields like before.

More information can be found on the detailed documentation for FS_INDEX and FS_CATALOG.



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We have tried -

<li class="tab-navigator $CMS_IF(#for.isFirst)$ tab_selected$CMS_END_IF$"><a href="#tab-$CMS_VALUE(, default:"")$-$CMS_VALUE(#for.index)$" $CMS_VALUE(editorId(target:section,editorName:"st_tab_title"))$>$CMS_VALUE(section.item.st_tab_title,default:"")$</a></li>
<div class="clearfix"></div>
<div class="tab-content-wrapper shadow">
<div class="tab" id="tab-$CMS_VALUE(, default:"")$-$CMS_VALUE(#for.index)$" $CMS_IF(#for.isFirst)$style="display:block;"$CMS_ELSE$style="display:none"$CMS_END_IF$>


We have tried solutions (i.e.   .values in case of FS_INDEX and .item in case of FS_CATALOG) provided in attached documentation of firstspirit,but still we are getting the same Warnings.

We can find below note in documentation ,could you please explain the  same??

Rendering of an FS_INDEX input component using $CMS_VALUE(...)$
is no longer supported and will cause generation warnings (“use of
deprecated value generation method for an index editor”). Please always
use $CMS_FOR(...)$ for the rendering (see FS_INDEX output example).




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if your problem with the migration is only the warnings in the generation log, you should try to create a new revision of all entities of your datasources (change the entities and release them)

As i remember correct, the new revision is needed, so that the new/migrated structure of the data is saved.

Give it a try.


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Dear Team,


Could you please explain what exactly needs  to be done in case of creating new entities of data sources?

I don't think it is quite feasible thing to do so in production server.



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