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FS-Integration: fsi:search, fsi:query, ö ä ü ß


I am useing the query servlet to search for all company names in our DB, that contain ö in them. I use the following construct:

<fsi:search resultName="companies" pageSize="1">


                                                                  <QUERY entityType="Company">


                                                                                     <LIKE attribute="name" value="%ö%" />




</ fsi:search>

Unfortunately I get not only the companies that contain the letter "ö", but it seems as I get also the companies that contain the letter "o".

The same phenomenon can be observed with "ü" and "ä".

For "ß" I get not only the companies that contain "ß", but also companies that contain "s".

I use the following syntax for the form tag:

<form action="search_companies.jsp" method="get" accept-charset="UTF-8">

Please let me know if I do anything wrong and is it possible to get the correct results?

Thanks a lot for the help and have a great day!

Lyuben Atanasov

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I'm new here

I tried also the following:


<LIKE attribute="name" value="%&ouml;%" />

I got the following error in the console:

[Fatal Error] :3:65: The entity "ouml" was referenced, but not declared.










there was no differens in the output.. (this does not surprise me, because I do not think that QueryServlet uses a formEncoding parameter.)

I will be grateful if anyone is able to help me with the issue!

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1)  try    &#246;

2) i have his issue with fs-search (other product 😞 ),  FS-Integration should have similar parameter, see documentation.

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1)  it does not work with &#246; either (I get all results with ö and o again..)

2) I couldnt find the parameter formEncoding in the fsi documentation

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Are you sure that this is a problem with Integration? Maybe the database is configured to return "ss" results if you perform a search for "ß". You can set the loglevel to DEBUG do see the SQL queries.

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