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FS-Integration: Spring support


I am trying to use the FS-Integration module with Spring. When I start the project, the FS-Integration libraries load and the schemas are initialised, but then the progress stops when the Spring framework starts to load. After a while there I get server timeout. Even if I set the server timeout for longer time, there is no progress and the server timeout is reached.

Is there a special configuration ot the FSI module with Spring so that they can work together?

Thanks in advance.

Lyuben Atanasov

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I'm new here

Hi Lyuben,

to get Spring to work with FS you need to modify the classloader like this:

final ClassLoader contextClassLoader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
        try {
            final ApplicationContext ctx = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("classpath:applicationContext-pimImport.xml");
        } finally {

If you have created a module make sure that the checkbox "All permissions" in the server and project configuration is checked for the module.

More information regarding this problem can be found in the Spring Community.

best regards

Jörg Stephan

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Hi Joerg,

thanks for the fast reply, but i guess I need more information about your solution.

First of all, I'd like to describe again the scenario:

We have a separate application, which runs inside a separate tomcat server. We like to get several information out of first spirit and also like to store new datastructures. Usually we use the jsp tag library to connect to First Spirit.

We plan to encapsulate the access to first spirit inside a Spring managed bean, so we have actually no jsp access inside that bean, so we have no access to the FS-Session.

So our problem is to get a First Spirit Session inside the Spring managed bean.

The best solution would be to use Spring functionality to get these Session via @Autowired annotation and use the query Methods directly on that session Object.

At the moment we have a Service in a separate WebApplication which runs the FirstSpirit libs and provides us a RMI interface to get in conntact with FirstSpirit, that is fine for the moment, but may not be the best solution. So please describe your usage of FS inside Spring a little bit in details.

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Hi Lyuben,

I thought your problem was the other way round and you were trying to get Spring to run inside the FS environment e.g. in a module. So my solution does not fit your purpose of running some of the integration libs inside a Spring application and I am sorry to say that I have never tried that either.

best regards

Jörg Stephan

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Although this is an old post, I'd like to comment on it.

The solution here is not 100% correct. The classloader needs to be reset afterwards and not just set to null.

See here:

Re: Hibernate in FS-Service

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