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FS-Integration: Data edited in the FS Client Java Application does not appear on the JSP


I have created a table in FS and entered a few items in it. Then I created a small JSP that shows the values from the table.

This works fine: I can see the values on my JSP.

Then I enter another few items in my table. I refresh my JSP page, but I cannot see the new items. I can see only the old ones.

Initially I thought it was a caching issue, but when I refresh the JSP page once again after a few hours, I cannot see the new results either.

In my JSP page I use:

<%@ page import="de.espirit.firstspirit.opt.integration.web.WebContext" language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%>




Any idea what can be the issue? Do I do anything wrong?

Thanks you for the help and have a great day!

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Look at this thread:

I hope this will help you!



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I looked at the thread and there the proposed reasons are the following three:

  • Wird vielleicht der Cache verwendet? Stichwort: session rollback

I use WebContext.getWebContext(pageContext).getSession().rollback();

So no chaching should be used, right?

  • Sind die Daten vielleicht noch nicht freigegeben und Integration arbeitet auf dem Freigabestand?

The data was saved in the DB. How can I check if Integration works on the releasing?

  • Das von Integration verwendete Schema ist nicht mehr aktuell und muss aktualisiert werden

The Schema is the latest one, I updated it before testing!

When I redeploy the application I can see the new results! But without this step, the results are not shown.

Do you have any other ideas?

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You should enable logging with the DEBUG level and contact our helpdesk with the details.

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The issue was caused by the fact that the clocks of our FS server and DB server were going with 20min difference. When we installed a cronjob to synchronise the times, the issue was resolved.

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