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Hello, community. I am writing a script for datasets realese and at some point I get an EditorWrapper Object:


content2ScriptContext = (Content2ScriptContext) context;

row = content2ScriptContext.getSelectedRow();


referencedDatasets.add(row.getValue("contactList_DE")); <-- here


"contactList" is language-specific field and is of type FS_LIST. Is there any documentation aviable for de.espirit.firstspirit.client.editorcomponent.EditorWrapper? Maybe anyone knows which methods this class has, or how to retrieve elements stored in "contactList_DE"? I would be very grateful for any piece of advice.

Viele Grüße.

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I'm new here

Hi Thomas,

EntityWrapper is not a public class (it's not part of our official API), so you shouldn't use it. It looks like you should better use forms instead of raw entities from databases. Here's a thread, where someone else had a similar problem . Sadly, the whole thread is german - so could you please give us a hint if you need further help with this problem and/or accessing your data through forms?

Kind regards,


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Crownpeak employee

Hello Thomas,

do you need further help or did Hannes's reply already help you? If so, it would be great if you marked

his reply as "correct answer" so that other community users find the solution easily. If you have

already found a solution by yourself, it would be very kind of you, if you posted it here.   

Best regards,


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