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Do we have any information on when will CaaS module version 2 deprecate?

Do we have any information on when will CaaS module version 2 deprecate?

In our project the customizable json channel is a integral part of our project, which is not going to be possible to be implemented with CaaS version (3 viz., CaaS connect module).
So we need to know if there are any plans that the older Caas module is going to deprecate Or would the customizable json output feature be brought back in later versions?

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Crownpeak employee

Currently there are no plans to deprecate CaaS v2. However, we are happy to discuss migration plans from v2 to v3 and  to learn about possible obstacles on the way from our customers and partners. 
If the main reason for not using v3 is "we have build solutions which rely on a specific custom JSON structure": we have means to address this.
If you are willing, you could describe your challenges here or you can address the topic with your associated Customer Success Manager. They can always include me for more technical aspects of a migration.


To be honest, we have no issues with CaaS module version 2
Version 3 however does not have customizable json channel, it has pre-defined methods which can create json output.

From personal opinion, i find that CaaS module version 3 is a good approach when creating a new project from scratch as one can adapt the development according to the 'un-customizable json' from the beginning... but for projects which run CaaS modules from years it could be a problem that the json data cannot be handled as required. 🙂

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