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Difference between Content-SELECT and Content-PROJECTION

Where is the difference between Content-SELECT and Content-PROJECTION in detail?

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contentSelect Function:

  1. can be used many times on one page.
  2. output will always be on one page
  3. you cannot create an contentlink to a specific dataset (unnecessary because of 2)
  4. definition is done by template developer [some parameters can be used as VALUE_PARAMS to consider input of the editor

content projection [output off datasets by the use of a table template]

  1. only one content projection can be used per page
  2. output can be spread over many pages (automatic creation of many output pages defined by one sitestore node)
  3. creation of specific content links possible ($CMS_REF(...,contentId:#,...)$
  4. definition can be chosen by the editor (depending on predefined queries). Sorting can directly be done by the editor.
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