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Determining if a component is on meta data tab using API

Hi everybody,

for one of my customers I created some nice and handy swing gadgets for the Java client. They are mainly used to facilitate editors work.

First of all: the new concept and the API to extend the Java client is cool - thanks to e-Spirit for the great improvement.

In the next step I want to hide my components in a certain combination of it's locations in the stores.

To be precise: the component should be:

- hidden in the meta data tab of the content store

- shown in the meta data tab of the media store

- shown in the language tabs of the content store

- hidden in the meta data tab of the page store

To achieve this I can check the store type using SwingGadgetContext.getStoreType() of the Developer API.

But how can I check if the InputControl is used on the meta data tab?

Any help is highly appreciated.



FS 4.2 R4

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I'm new here

Hi Carsten,

Unfortunately, there is no explicit way to determine whether a gadget operates in the meta tab. You can, however, check for the persistency language being similar to EditorValue.SOLE_LANGUAGE, which is (at least currently) only used for a form in meta mode.



Hi Stefan,

thanks a lot for your quick reply. I will go for this approach.

Greetings from sunny Hamburg,


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