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Currently I am facing the ConcurrentChangeException in My project.


Step 1:


There is a table and the table has the link reference of the Media. For example 66244 is the record and it has the media reference,

value in the record has been changed but not released. (Please see the above image for your reference)

Step 2:

I have written release workflow the Media i.e if i relase the Media it will update the data in the Table.

Now i go to the media of 66244 (m_ma_so_4_..)and change the Metadata value. If i release the media (the one i have written).

It produces the ConcurrentChangeException in the Java Client. please see the sample release code and the error log in the attachment.

Hope you understood my scenario and help me to fix this issue.

Sample Code (release code)

ContentStoreRoot cs = (ContentStoreRoot) us.getStore(Store.Type.CONTENTSTORE, false);

Content2 content2 = (Content2) cs.getStoreElement(Constants.Table_Name, IDProvider.UidType.CONTENTSTORE);


Dataset pageDataset = content2.getDataset(entity);






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I'm new here

Hello Vasanth,

the error message seems to link to an entity which is not persisted, because it has a temporal identifier.

Normally I get a ConcurrentChangeException if I select an entity a, then I select the same entity as an entity b where I do some changes and then the next change (maybe read actions too) to entity a will throw that exception.

Some times this also happens in the datasource list view, when a dataset has changed but your view wasn't refreshed.


Johannes Perlet

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Thank you for your Johannes Perlet.

You mean to say that refresh would resolve this issue ..

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