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Change the recruiter's name

Dear All,

I would like post an ad, but, I don't know where can I change the recruiter's name. I write my datas into the recruiter information's box, but nothing happening,  our ex-recruiter is in the ad still.

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Crownpeak employee

Dear Anikó,

I'm afraid that this question is so project-specific that only someone who knows the project can really answer it.

I assume, that it isn't a release issue (normally you have to release a node, before changes can be deployed to the live site).

Maybe this will help you: Just search for the name of the recruiter. Can you find it in a global content area or in a dataset record? If so, you may have to make the appropriate adjustment there.

Important: Since I don't know the project, I can only guess what might help. You can only get a really meaningful answer if you contact someone who knows the project or can look at the project together with you.

Best regards


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