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Change reference name of an object


Is it possible to change reference name of an object such that it also updates the pages where it is referenced with new reference name?


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Ashish Jain

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Hi Martin,

Sorry, I did not know that it is developed by Arithnea.

Arithnea already knows about this issue. We are also in contact with them.

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The design of the module is based on the FirstSpirit approach, in FirstSpirit the reference Name of an Object is the unique ID of an object (here of media). Changes to unique IDs are never a standard functionality and is a very very special use case.

We use the uniqueness to optimize the detection of Pixelboxx media in FirstSpirit, to ensure the uniqueness of both Ids and to get the DOID, which is the union ID in Pixelboxx. Storing the ID in a metadata field makes it impossible to ensure that this field ist unique in FirstSpirit.

Please ask our super people and discuss a solution for this special use case.

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I'm new here

Hi Ashish,

I will close the thread. Please keep in contact with Arithnea to solve this problem.

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