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CaaS and Contentprojection of Datasets - Link to Detailpage


I have a question regarding CaaS and Contentprojection of Datasets.

We have a datasource "News". In this datasource are two categories "press" and "company news".

"press" and "company news" should have different detailpages, so I created two with the filter that they are only for one category.

this results in two routes in Caas:

"routes": [
                "pageRef": "d242783f-8723-4307-b58c-d2f884072eca",
                "route": "/Test-Dev/TEST-MFI/Pressemeldungen/Eröffnung-des-Logistikzentrums-in-Cloppenburg-Rundgang-durch-das-neue-Logistikzentrum.html"
                "pageRef": "95d42922-cad4-4a5d-887e-bd543f993f4f",
                "route": "/Test-Dev/TEST-MFI/Konzernnachrichten/Eröffnung-des-Logistikzentrums-in-Cloppenburg-Rundgang-durch-das-neue-Logistikzentrum.html"

 but now I have the problem that I don't automatically know which route I should use as link to detailpage on the news overview page.

on the detail pages I have the following

                            "fsType": "Content2Section",
                            "schema": "internal",
                            "entityType": "News",
                            "name": "news",
                            "displayName": "News",
                            "template": {
                                "fsType": "TableTemplate",
                                "name": "News",
                                "displayName": "News",
                                "identifier": "6173eb31-a58c-4aaa-8c59-23ffa5a6eb30",
                                "uid": "",
                                "uidType": "TEMPLATESTORE_SCHEMA"
                            "query": "",
                            "recordCountPerPage": 1,
                            "maxPageCount": 0,
                            "filterParams": {},
                            "ordering": [
                                    "attribute": "fs_id",
                                    "ascending": false

maybe I have to do a request with the category from the dataset and search within the query of the detailpages?

category from dataset:

"tt_type": {
                "fsType": "CMS_INPUT_RADIOBUTTON",
                "name": "tt_type",
                "value": {
                    "fsType": "Option",
                    "label": "Pressemeldung",
                    "identifier": "press"


I already saw the documentation but it doesnt help me with that.



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