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CaaS Connect 3: Format of Datefield

I'm trying to filter the caas data by formData.tt_dateOfCreation.

Generally, this works fine, but on some edge cases e.g. 2023-03-30, 00:00 there seems to be a timeshift.

Does anybody know, how can I see and maybe change the timezone caas is using?

Actually the value for datetime looks in my opionion like the timezone paramter is not revolved correctly



"tt_dateOfCreation": {
                        "fsType": "CMS_INPUT_DATE",
                        "name": "tt_dateOfCreation",
                        "value": "2023-03-30T12:04:42Z",
                        "mode": "DATETIME"



Any help will be appreciated.
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Got a bit further with this.

CaaS saves every date in utc format, therefore the Z at the end.

This means, you have to change the date to the local timezone.

Is there a way to get the information, which timezone was used to save the date?


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That is the standard JSON format of FirstSpirit vor date-time, it is not configurable.
What would you do with the information of which timezone was used when setting the date?

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