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Automatically create a section for every new page

Good morning,

Is it possible for a Section to be created automatically whenever a page is created? For technical reasons to do with the JBoss Portal Integration module, I require every single page to contain a specific Section. This section will exist in its own content area, and will not be editable by editors using ContentCreator.

The editors will be given a checkbox to choose whether or not the section is visible, but it must exist and it must be a Section. I'd really like to prevent it from being deleted, too, in Site Architect.

If this is possible, I will also need a way to update 800+ pages which do not currently have this content area or Section; I can probably manage this with a script.

(I think, more generally, it would be useful for FirstSpirit to include the idea of "mandatory sections" in content areas, as well as "unique sections" within a content area.).

Many thanks,

Liam Davison

Scottish Government

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I'm new here

Hey Liam,

I think you could implement a StoreListener and register it at the page store root. In the addedToScope method you can add the section to a new page.

I agree, to update existing pages you should use a script.

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Hello Liam,

if you have just a few page templates an solution could also be to work with the master copies. So you could define pages which already contain the mentioned section and let the editors create new pages by using these master copies.

For the second aspect I agree with Tim.

Best regards


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Hello Liam,   

do you need further help or did Tims and Michaelas replies already help you? If so, it would be great if you marked them as "correct answer" so that other community users find the solution easily. If you have

already found a solution by yourself, it would be very kind of you, if you posted it here.   

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