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Apache Commons HTTPClient

Dear e-Spirit-Community,

which version of the Apache Commons HTTPClient is integrated within the "fs-client.jar" of FS 4.2 R4 447?

The answer for this question is highly appreciated, becaused we wanna identify potential communication problems when external suppliers are communicating via a VPN tunnel.

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Holger King

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Crownpeak employee

This is v3.1


Hi Peter,

thanx for your reply Smiley Happy

Apache Commons HTTPClient v3.1 is quite old. Is there a plan to update this framework integrated into the "fs-client.jar" to the current release (v4.1)? Details of bug-fixes, see the following ChangeLog:

When no, why?

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Yes, the plan is to updated with the next major FirstSpirit release (v5). The internal id for this is 88742

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