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Accessing FS API without context (from WebApp)

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Hi experts!

I'm building a web application that needs to access the schedule tasks. I found the right classes in the documentation but I don't know how to do the requireSpecialist step without an actual context. Normally you would get the context from the method that gets called by FS, like for example ExecuteScript(ScriptContext) but in this case this WebApp will be called via URL so I don't know how to get that context...

Any ideas?


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Hi Isac,

oh, wouldn't have thougt that you don't have ACCESS_API licensed. Haven't seen a project for ages where this is not licensed cause it's a pain working without it.
I'd guess that the fail in SOCKET_MODE is because of the same reason. If you're developiing FirstSpirit Modules in this project you should definitely think about licensing it. Otherwise you'd have to use the baseAuth. I used it in another project many years ago - I'll check if I can find the sources of that. You can also check the different login modules for information about basic auth:

Documentation for Administrators - Login process configuration (fs-jaas.conf)

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Hi Felix,

Thank you very much again. I really appreciate it. I'll discuss licensing with the client and explore other alternatives, like you suggested.

Kind regards,

Isac Jiménez

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isac.jimenez​ Yes - I guess that would be the best idea. If you want to test the implementation first before licensing it: Don't you have a local developing environment with FirstSpirit running? I think the ACCESS-API is activated by default in the developer linceses provided to partners. Don't know if there's a difference cause BOLDLY GO is just a Standard Partner. Maybe you could talk with your partner manager about this topic.

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Thanks Felix, I don't think we have such environment but I'll double check.

By the way, I took the liberty to send you an email to the account you have in your website (found it in your profile), just to say thanks.

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