[SOLVED] Warning: Possible problems with Corporate Content in FirstSpirit versions > 5.2.422

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Update 2016-08-26 17:00: A new version (5.2.425) containing the bugfix described earlier is now available for download. You need a personal login to access the download folder. Please contact our Technical Support if you do not have a personal login. If you are using the Corporate Content functionality of FirstSpirit we strongly advise updating to this new version, otherwise an update is not mandatory. If you have further questions or require support, please raise a ticket with the Technical Support.

Update 2016-08-26 11:00: A bugfix for the problem described has been implemented and we will shortly provide a new version containing the fix. We will keep you informed both here and directly in the Technical Support ticket if you raised one.

Update 2016-08-25 16:30: The problem described occurs with input components nested in CMS_GROUP elements. Content from input components not inside a CMS_GROUP are not affected. We are now working on a bugfix and will provide this with a future FirstSpirit Version. Until then please contact the Technical Support with any questions you have regarding this issue.


We are receiving reports of problems using the FirstSpirit Corporate Content functionality with FirstSpirit versions 5.2.422 and above.

In rare cases content vanishes in target projects after rolling out a content package from a master project. This affects all languages in the target project that are not available in the master project.

A workaround is already available. Furthermore we are actively investigating this matter and will keep you updated as we learn more. If you think you may be affected by this issue, please raise a ticket with our Technical Support team referring to the internal bug id 191174.

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