[RELEASE] FirstSpirit™ RealtimeTargeting 1.0 released

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Individual and optimized digital experiences

FirstSpirit™ RealtimeTargeting delivers individual and optimized digital experiences for every website user. This new module gives marketers the ability to intelligently learn customer interests and presents the most relevant content on a visitor by visitor basis.

Behavior driven personalization

FirstSpirit RealtimeTargeting analyses the behavior of every website visitor in detail to give marketers a 360 degree real-time portrait of customers and prospects based on actual customer actions. By making this data actionable in real-time, companies can have the type of 1:1 dialog with their audience that improves conversion rates, but until now has been difficult to achieve.

For a detailed description of all features and the technical architecture please look at the documentation of the module.

The FirstSpirit RealtimeTargeting module and its documentation are available for download through our Helpdesk.

A marketing flyer for this solution is attachted to this blog post.

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