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Dear Community members, 

As you know, in 2021 e-Spirit became a Crownpeak company. Due to this we brought our communities together as well. By merging two parts into one, all information will be available in one place. Our goal is to make content easier to find for everyone.

Let’s take a look at what has changed compared to the previous e-Spirit community.

User profiles

First of all, please note that not only the content but also your user profile has been migrated. Due to this, if you have not done it yet, you need to request a new password with the email address you used for the registration in the e-Spirit community before. For this purpose, please use the Forgot password page in order to get access to the community. In this context, also check your spam folder for the email to renew your password.

In case of any problems regarding the resetting of your password please contact us via mail.  


In the course of the migration the FirstSpirit menu has been added to the top level navigation of the Crownpeak community. It contains the following sub-menus, which are also available via the FirstSpirit DXP tile on the community start page.

If you created bookmarks for any content you can still use them. Links into the old e-Spirit community will be redirected to the migrated content. 

In addition, please be aware that the content within the Crownpeak Community is readable by all visitors - not only for signed in users.


Feature Discussions

On this page you will find all Feature Requests concerning any e-Spirit product.

Submitting a new Feature Request can be done via the button [Suggest an idea]. It will open a form asking for a subject and an explanation. Please take a look at the hints at the bottom that will help you to post an idea.

If you like an existing Feature Request and want to vote for it just give a Kudo. For this, click on the thumb up button which is visible next to each entry on the Feature Discussions page.

The two dropdowns visible at the top of the Feature Discussions page allow you to filter the existing Feature Requests by their status or to sort them for hot, top, or new ideas. To combine both functions first filter by status before you sort the result list.

Questions & Answers

The Questions & Answers page contains all former discussions. Here you can ask for advice, discuss topics with other users, or just get some information. 

Need some help? Just click on the Button [Ask a Question] and fill the form. Your posting will be added at the top of the list on the Questions & Answers page.

Entries marked with a green check mark include an answer that has been considered as the “right solution”.

Product Updates

In general this page will only include postings created by an e-Spirit employee. In this place we will inform you about the releases of any of our products. 

Knowledge Base

Currently, the Knowledge Base is just available via the FirstSpirit DXP tile on the community start page. It is split into the following three categories: Tutorials and How Tos, Helpful Information, and Technical Support Knowledge Base.

  • Tutorials and How Tos
    This page includes all former blog postings except the ones from the Customers areas. The latter were only product updates which have their own space now (see above).

  • Helpful Information
    All documents from the previous e-Spirit community - except the ones created for the Technical Support Knowledge Base - are listed on this page. If you have a question and need help by other users please head to the Questions & Answers page. The Helpful Information page is just intended as a pool of information. It does not focus on discussions.

  • Technical Support Knowledge Base
    This page is a 1:1 copy of the previous Technical Support Knowledge Base. It contains all information provided by the e-Spirit Technical Support.

We are still working on some layout issues in the background. So please do not mind if there are still layout changes or things do not look properly in the areas mentioned above.

General Data Protection Regulation

In response to the merger of e-Spirit and Crownpeak, we have updated our General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is available in German and English language.

In the case of any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our support via mail

Kind regards

Community Migration Team

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