When saving a component, call the Force Reload method


I do a lot of work with components. One of the frustrating things is when I've added several fields and clicked Save, in order to view the changes, I have to do a Force Reload. It would be nice to have the Save method call the Force Reload method at the end. It appears that there is already some kind of reloading going on, as the component screen blanks out for a few seconds and then re-appears. Maybe it's the Refresh that is being called. I've noticed that the Refresh is not that reliable, and have just developed the habit to Force Reload to ensure my changes appear. See the screenshot for more details.





Crownpeak (Retired)

The component definition does indeed refresh/reload itself after the save completes. The problem you're describing happens because the CMS is running a compile process asynchronously in the background, triggered by the save handler creating/updating the component classes and, more often than not, the refresh is triggered before the compile process has completed which is why you don't see the effect.

The challenge is to implement a mechanism for

  1. the changes to be made visible without having to manually refresh/reload every time; and
  2. without having the save process or the UI block while waiting; and
  3. without losing any edits on the component definition that may have happened since the last save and the compile completing.

One possible solution is to:

  1. Prevent the component definition from being editable until the background compile compeltes;
  2. Implement a mechanism for the component library to register a callback (or some other event notification mechanism) that will be triggered when the compile process completes and that reload the component definition and makes it editable again.
Crownpeak (Retired)
Status changed to: Open

Thank you for the suggestion. I can see how this would simplify your experience. It is something we have thought about before and are exploring solutions for.

We’ll keep you posted on any progress and if this gets added to our roadmap.

Please keep the ideas coming.



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Elite Observer

Another option if easier, is to put in a spinner until full save/compile is complete, but allow the ability to work on other tabs without being blasted back over to the saving tab when it finishes reloading.