Improvements to Dependencies View

The dependencies view is fairly difficult to use although still nice to have.  It would be great if this could be enhanced with:
- Clickable links to the dependent assets

- The path of the asset where assets of the same name are indistinguishable (business/index and something-else/index both show up as "index")

- Oftentimes we are only interested in dependencies in non-live environments so being able to filter to only those assets would be great.

- Furthermore, our main interest is in checking for non-live dependencies where a live branch does not exist as this exposes an issue when the asset goes live and is still dependent on non-existent assets.

Elite Observer

The environment does not have a tooltip either, so the colors are oftentimes indistinguishable.

Returning Observer

If we're doing filters and options, we could really use a component dependency view

Elite Observer

@emb-isaac We ended up having to build our own component usage report that shows on which assets components are in use.  Really seems like a no-brainer to be part of the platform for everyone's benefit.

New Creator

yeah! that would be great!