Component Usage Report

There is a need for a report to find where a component is being used on a site. When a new component is built it can replace the functionality of an already existing component. Knowing how much of the site will be impacted is important.

As an administrator or site product owner, I need to be able to find where a component is being used in the site, so I can understand the impact of a component change, deprecation, or replacement.

Without this reporting ability it too easy to miss content that need replacement and difficult to estimate effort of updating pages with a specific component.

Director of UX
Director of UX

Great idea @bmcpherson 

We'll keep our eye on this idea to see the community's response.

New Creator

As a developer, this would be really helpful, as well.

Returning Observer

This would be huge, especially considering dependencies don't work properly with components. I would use this feature a lot.