Asset Watchers

Would be great to have an ability for DXP users and users without DXP accounts to be able to opt-in to "watching" assets whereby they receive notifications when the file is released to the LIVE environment.  In our organization we have a pretty sophisticated matrix of content owners and interested groups that do not correspond specifically to folders/directories although some do.  Therefore, the ability to opt into specific assets or directories of assets.

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Head of Support
Head of Support

This is an interesting concept and one I will share with the product team.  You do have the ability to customize workflow notifications.  We have multiple clients that have done this.  It requires development work to implement this.  It starts with adding a field to the input for the template(s) to allow users to be added to the notification.  Then scripts are added to the workflow that can read this field and trigger appropriate notification to additional users.  Complexity is dependent on your full requirements.  This is something your development team can do or you can reach out to our professional services team to do the work.  If you can provide them full requirements they can provide an appropriate estimate.