Add right-click option for a selected asset to open the published URLs

One of the common thing content managers do in the CMS is open the published link for a selected asset.

Currently, in order to open the published URL we need to either open that asset for Preview/Editing (which may take some time depending on the template complexity) and open the link from the action bar, or go to Properties/Publishing - URLs, which is also slow.

To make the navigation easier, can we add the same option to the right-click menu of the selected assetOpen published URL menu.jpg?

Elite Observer

I really like this as it allows people who don't want to have to wait to open a tab with the content, then click the button.  It can directly open a new tab with the content.

Returning Observer

It's been over 2 years & this is the 3rd most voted post on the Ideas Exchange. Let's get this one in production already!