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FirstSpirit Rebrush: New Year, Fresh Design

[This article is also available in German]

With the new FirstSpirit version 5.2 R17 comes a fresh design in a familiar software environment. A modern color scheme and style enhances the User Experience (UX) for editors and paves the way for upcoming FirstSpirit extensions.

With the new FirstSpirit upgrade released in January 2018, editors, developers and administrators see “their” FirstSpirit revitalised. The most striking change: the new FirstSpirit start screen. The tiles for selecting clients UIs are replaced by new icons - editorial and administrative tools are visually more distinguished from each other. Login and network settings are located in the header, with large visual elements and micro-animations shaping the first impression.

SiteArchitect and ContentCreator have also undergone changes to the look and feel: A unified, modernized color palette with rich, contrasting and fresh tones gives the FirstSpirit tools a harmonized design. The color spectrum shifts from classic software gray with low-saturation colors to a modern blue-gray with glowing accents. Buttons and icons are rounder in many places, and the toolbar is even more clearly arranged. The various editorial tools are visually aligned to enhance UX when business users switch between client interfaces. The standard icons have also been reworked - for example “saving” work is no longer embodied by a floppy disk, but rather a more abstract symbol.

The design update does not involve any functional changes for editors or developers. All functions are still available in familiar places. Also, it drives no additional effort for developers and operations. If custom toolbar, report or plug-in icons are used, which are implemented with fixed background colours (instead of transparency), they can be manually adapted to the new color scheme.

In addition to modernising the look and feel, the new design also provides support for the roll-out of the upcoming FirstSpirit extensions: further Content Experience Tools, e.g. the FirstSpirit FragmentCreator are constructed in the same design language, and the interfaces of existing and new clients will blend seamlessly. Future FirstSpirit versions will include additional incremental design changes.

New vs. old design:

Design Rebrush Preview.png

Design Rebrush Preview_BEFORE.png

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