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FAQ FirstSpirit 5.2 Ramp-up Phase

Using the software

[Q] As a customer, can I use the Ramp-Up version for production purposes?

[A] This is a regular release which successfully passed our qualitity assurance processes. You can use this release for "non-critical" projects. "Non-critical" means that customers are aware of the fact that their project plan should contain some buffer for possible bugfixes in the software.

[Q] How long does the Ramp-up phase last?

[A] The Ramp-up phase concludes in August 2015. FirstSpirit 5.2 will become generally available on September 1st.


[Q] Where can I get the lastest software version?

[A] Please contact our TechnicalSupport at https://helpdesk.e-spirit.com and mention that you want to participate in our FirstSpirit 5.2 Ramp-up phase.

Reporting errors / bug fixing

[Q] I have discovered an error. How do I report the error?

[A] Please contact our TechnicalSupport team at https://helpdesk.e-spirit.com

Documentation and new functions

[Q] Where do I find the documentation for FirstSpirit 5.2?

[A] The following documentation in particular is relevant:

Important: You need an extra login for the online documentation:

Login: FIRSTDoku

Password: FSdown_V2


[Q] Are all FirstSpirit modules already available for 5.2?

[A] Not all modules are compatible yet. You can check Certified modules for FirstSpirit - Compatibility matrix for the current status.


[Q] Do I need a new license for FirstSpirit 5.2?

[A] Everyone with an active maintenance subscription can use 5.2. You can use your existing FirstSpirit 5.x license in conjunction with version 5.2


[Q] What things must be done in migrating from FirstSpirit 5.1 to 5.2?

[A] First, FirstSpirit 5.2 is a feature release. Therefore no complex migration is necessary.

As always: The release notes   must be read thoroughly. You will find all necesaary information for new software behavior there.


[Q] Is an update-training available for FirstSpirit 5.2 yet?

[A] Not yet. We are working on the issue.


[Q] I still have more questions. Where can I ask these questions?

[A] Please contact me directly if you have questions about the Ramp-up phase. Please use our developer space for technical questions regarding FirstSpirit 5.2.

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