Web-app module components in central web application

Hello everybody,

I'd like to propose the enabling of custom web-app components within the server-wide FirstSpirit web applications (ContentCreator, etc.). The server and project configuration already has the options to include web-app components, but the interaction buttons are greyed out.

To enable the usage of several module components from FS 5.1 ContentCreator it is imperative to include them into the FirstSpirit web applications, that are running on the preview servlet containers (see: https://community.e-spirit.com/community/developer/blog/2014/03/27/how-to-fix-failing-service-calls-...). This approach is implying custom web applications for each affected project and thus may lead to several deployed ContentCreator web applications (one per each project).

For complex platforms where multiple projects are using the same template- / moduleset, this causes additional resource consumption and operational overhead, even if all projects might use the same modules. So it would be great to enable the already existing options for custom web app components.

This topic is already discussed in https://community.e-spirit.com/message/21592#21592 (german language).



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Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hello Martin,

this feature is already delivered since FirstSpirit 5.2.

Best regards