The FirstSpirit permission service allows to integrate permission rights in the FirstSpirit editor system. With FirstSpirit 4.2 the API has changed significantly.

Current situation:

  • manual adaption of permission XML files necessary (e.g.: when new permission groups have to be added or removed) => high error ratio probable!
  • manual handling is incomfortable and time-consuming
  • with FirstSpirit 4.2 R2, there is no possibility to retrieve the path for the permission service master data (XML files below <fs4_install_dir>/conf/modules/System.PermissionService) via FS API calls directly (methods "getFilePath()" and "getBasePath()" throw an UnsupportedOperationException)
  • the FirstSpirit system service "System.PermissionService" just offers methods to READ master data information, there is no API available to get write access to the underlying files


  • To allow a comfortable handling of the underlying XML-files, it would be highly appreciated to obtain:
    • an API that allows write access for the permission service master data
    • fix the API that determines the file path of the master data XML files
I'm new here

When will the solution be provided? Please tell us the exact delivery date, respectively the FirstSpirit version, that will solve the problem.

I'm new here

FS 4.2 R4 is already available as a Release Candidate. So, we wonder where to find the above mentioned API to:

  • have write access to the permission service master data
  • a fixed API to retrieve the path of the master data XML files

Please tell us the FS-ACCESS-API packages and classes.

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Community Manager