Submit metadata from FirstSpirit to SAP Portal over portal_search.xml

A possibility to submit metadata from a FirstSpirit object to KM properties of the SAP Portal would be great.

The standard HTML-meta-attributes in the HTML-sourcecode are ignored by TREX, so we need the metadata in the KM properties. We can use the keywords-variable ("sap_portal_keywords") to transfer ONE data field from FirstSpirit content to the according properties of a KM object. But it is not possible to declare more than one field. The search-component of the HLP Business Package offers the possibility to configure customProperties and customPropertiesNamespace in the SearchIntegrationService, but it is not possible to define the correspondig GenericAttributes for the portal_search.xml.


The FirstSpirit editor maintains some metadata, for example groups for a page/site/media. After deploying the data to the portal the according portal properties are indexable and searchable in the TREX search. Standard HTML-meta-attribute in the HTML-sourcecode are ignored by TREX, so we need these metadata in KM properties.

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Our usecase for this issue is the searchability of news entries in our intranet. We have several news channels, which are accessible for employees in many different countries.

Data we would like to have for the search are e.g. content [xml], headline [string], teaser [xml], type [string], category [string], publication_date [date], expiration_date [date], event_date [date], sticky_flag [boolean], responsible_person [xml, reference to fs_dataset], pictures [xml] and some other information like that...

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For Pages in the pagestore (on string values) it is already possible, because formfields with the name fs_portal_myproperty are already submitted as generic attributes; in the configuration of the BP you may add them, so that they are created in the KM as well (in this example named: "myproperty")

But there is a lack in attributes in pages which comes from a content-projection (for instance news); here there is no possibility to provide custom fields..

We are really in need for this feature;

In other projects we (and as I see others did the same) created real pages and their references with in the structure out of the datasource and provided them with the attributes; but this creates a lot of objects in the Pagestore and the Structure; updating a single page is difficult to handle, so we recreate the whole structure each deployment step; disadvantages are obvious (efffort to do the projection, creating many many objects in the client, long duration of generation/deployment process)..

Our next Idea is to create an own search.xml to handle the news separatly (but then we have to think how to remove the entries from the original search.xml, where they are listed as well (only without attributes..)

But I really would prefer to put them somehow directly in the search.xml..

Crownpeak employee
Crownpeak employee

Hello all,

thank you for your ideas to improve FirstSpirit. It is important for us to learn from the experiences of our customers and partners. For this reason we appreciate feedback and any suggestion.

We have evaluated the issue once again, but have no plans for a realisation in the near future. Therefore, we can not consider your feature request at this time.

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