Setting start page in FirstSpirit ContentCreator

Dear FirstSpirit community,

starting with the introduction of FirstSpirit ContentCreator in FS 5.x the formerly well-known feature in WebEdit to change and alter an existing start-page on a FirstSpirit site store element is no longer technically available. This base feature is, compared with the following feature request below Changing visibility of navigation nodes in FirstSpirit ContentCreator, another one that is completely missing in FirstSpirit ContentCreator.

Up to now, the only possibilities that do exist:

  1. implementing a custom enhancement using a FirstSpirit BeanShell script/FirstSpirit module
  2. switching to/calling an editor having access to FirstSpirit site architect

From our point of view this is a core feature that might be integrated in the standard feature set of FirstSpirit ContentCreator to:

  • prevent customers from maintaining/administrating their own ContentCreator core features (adaptions/tests with each FirstSpirit release change)
  • smooth integrate this feature in the new web-bases client