PORTAL/PORTAL 2.0 module and the update of integrated template resources

Dear FirstSpirit community,

with the current implementation of the FirstSpirit PORTAL module project component, the following problems exist:

  1. when assigning/installing the module's project component to a FirstSpirit project, module ressources like:
    - ActivatePortalXml.bsh (= scheduler action template)
    - GeneratePortalXml.bsh (= scheduler action template)
    - GUI_InstallPortalEntryPoint.xml
    - GUI_InstallSubEntryPoint.xml
    - pagetemplates_export.zip (= page templates)
    - scripts_export.zip (= script templates)
    - sectiontemplates_export.zip (= section templates)

    will be automatically imported to the corresponding FirstSpirit project. The FirstSpirit IDs of the parent folders are stored to a configuration file names "portal_app.ini" below "<fs4_install_path>/data/projects/project_<id>/modules/FIRSTspirit PORTAL.FS PORTAL"

    As we all know, that FirstSpirit IDs are not stable between ex- and imports of FirstSpirit projects, these nodes may vary. When updating the same module on a host where an imported project exist, the assignemt of the module provokes duplicates for:
    - scheduler action templates (see screenshot below)
    - template ressource where the technical reference name will be suffixed by "_1" without updating already existing ones (see screenshot below)

    as the IDs do not match any more.

  2. failed imports of resources do not provoke exceptions/errors during the project component assignment. The following screenshot shows just 3/6 script resources being imported during the installation run WITHOUT any error feedback
  3. update process (see method "updated()") does not really update the above module-included resources but only migrates the site store
  4. after having assigned the module's project component the nodes the content is not refreshed and only visible, when the client and also the complete server has been restarted

Final result:

That's why we vote for fixing the above identified problems, especially (2). As (2) is not just PORTAL/PORTAL 2.0 related/dependent it would be a really good to offer a generic solution within the FirstSpirit core module framework.

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With the behaviour where existing FirstSpirit templates referencing resources being updated by the FirstSpirit module, templates might take old versions of the resources when the new elements are created using suffix "_1".

From that point of view we vote for BUG - not for a feature request!