New Page > Hide "Referencing Page".

Since 2022.3, you can create new pages in ContentCreator with "Reference page". There is then a new, second page reference for existing content. The content can be changed via each of the two page references and is automatically updated on the other page reference.

Now we had the case that an editor initially thought it made sense, but later changed his mind. He wanted to delete a page created in this way in ContentCreator and that was not possible.

I found the following 2 ways to remove this page:

1. As an administrator, I can force the deletion --> the page reference is deleted, content and the other page reference are retained

2. In SiteArchitect I can delete the corresponding page reference in the blue tree, the other including the green content remains

to 1 )
Under no circumstances do we want to give all editors the opportunity to force deletion everywhere! Then quite a few hints would simply be ignored and the pages would be cabbage and turnips with broken links and faulty content.

to 2)
Almost all of our editors work exclusively in ContentCreator and sometimes don't see SiteArchitect at all. Except that not everyone has access to Java. We also don't want simple editors to have to deal with the complexity of SiteArchitect.

When I spoke to support about this, I was advised to train the editors not to use the option.
We actually do that too, but since we are a university with constantly changing staff in the scientific institutions, I don't see how we can do it in the long term? In some cases, the editors in the respective areas are independently introduced to the system. We have no influence on the mediated content. How much remains with our online offer is another question.

Apart from that, we have MANY editors - in the old CMS there were around 2000. Despite tutorials and training courses, there are always people who are exploratory and like to click before they read - and there's no going back.

So my suggestion:

Make the "Reference Page" option configurable in the ContentCreator GUI: show/hide

Similar to how you can show/hide the media area or the data sources.