New DependencyRule: UPDATE_ENTITY_WHEN_ENTITY_HAS_CHANGED propagate entity changes to linked entity

Hallo e-Spirit,
hello community,

I suggest a new DependencyRule for FirstSpirit Delta-Generations "UPDATE_ENTITY_WHEN_ENTITY_HAS_CHANGED" (or something similar 😉 )


You have a standard ContentProjection based on datasets. (E.g. a press room on a website where all press releases are listed.)
Such a press release now can link to other datasets such as downloads, etc.

When such a linked dataset (in this example the download) changed I want the press release linking to it to be generated again in a delta generation.
Otherwise it is possible that e.g. the label or even the URL of the download in the press release is not correct anymore. The worst case in this example is a broken link because the download URL has changed.

It seems that the currently available dependency rules are not covering that use case: